One more reason for iPhone users to want to switch to Samsung

The feature of synchronizing WhatsApp message history from iPhone to Android currently only supports Samsung devices.
The WhatsApp messaging application platform has recently added a new feature that allows users to transfer messaging history from iOS devices to Samsung devices running Android. This feature was once announced by Samsung at the Galaxy Z Fold3 launch event in August, thereby solving one of the extremely large disadvantages of the WhatsApp platform: the inability to sync messages between devices running the two systems. different operating.

As we all know, the WhatsApp application does not store chat history on its server, instead, the platform provides users with cloud synchronization through iCloud (for iOS) and Google Drive (for Android).

Therefore, if the user switches to using a machine with another operating system (from iOS to Android or vice versa), there will be no way to synchronize messages between the two machines. There are many third parties that provide this service, but it is completely full of potential security risks.

One more reason for iPhone users to want to switch to Samsung ss ip moving reason

With the new feature that WhatsApp recently added, users can transfer data from iOS to Samsung devices including account information, avatars, chat history, chat groups, multimedia files, and set up an account. According to WhatsApp’s announcement, the data that can be converted will not include call history and display name.

However, to be able to synchronize messages to Samsung devices, users will need to restore the device’s factory settings because this feature only works when in the new phone setup screen. Here are the steps to sync messages from an iOS device to Samsung.

1. Turn on the Samsung device that needs to be transferred and connected to the iPhone via the USB-C to Lightning cable

2. Follow the instructions when it comes to setting up Samsung Smart Switch

3. When asked, scan the QR code displayed on the screen of your Samsung device using your iPhone’s camera

4. Select Start on iPhone and wait until the process is complete

5. Continue setting up your Samsung phone

6. Once on the home screen, open the WhatsApp app and log in to your account using the same phone number on the old device

7. Select Import and allow it

8. The process is complete and the entire message history will be transferred to the new Samsung device

Once done, the WhatsApp data will remain on the iPhone until the user deletes the app completely. According to WhatsApp, the data is not synced through the cloud but is transmitted directly via a USB-C to Lightning cable, and WhatsApp itself cannot read this data, ensuring maximum privacy.

Currently, the WhatsApp data synchronization feature from iPhone to Android is only available on Samsung devices, starting with the high-end Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, then other models will also be updated. in the near future. It seems that this is an exclusive feature for Samsung users and will also be a reason for users to choose to switch from iPhone to high-end Samsung devices.

Not only WhatsApp, but Samsung can also completely customize to support many other messaging services that do not support storing messages on intermediate servers, such as Zalo, Viber, or WeChat…

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