Revealing the unique – strange dual light border design on the upcoming OPPO Reno7 Series

Not having time to cool down by 7 brilliant back versions, “plum residence” is once again “soul” when “looking” is designed with a dual bright border with expected features on the upcoming Reno7 Series.

Overwhelmed by the design of 7 trendy color versions

Recently, the OPPO fan page posted images that are said to be the back design of the upcoming Reno7 Series. It is worth noting that there are up to 7 extremely unique colors, leading people to speculate that OPPO may “strongly” launch 7 versions true to the name of the Reno7 series. The unique design comes with an impressive color collection, so even if it’s just a prediction, the new “rookie” of the next Reno generation quickly attracts thousands of interest and comments from the loving community. turmeric.

OPPO Reno7 Series oppo Revealing the unique – strange dual light border design on the upcoming OPPO Reno7 Series OPPO Reno7 Series colors

As can be seen, design has always been one of OPPO‘s top priorities in the Reno generation. The company always timely captures the psychology of the new generation of customers, wants to express their own personality, thereby continuously launching smartphones with trendy designs, trendy colors, and is loved by young people. For example, OPPO previously achieved a sales record when it launched a matte back version characterized by Reno Glow technology with a “unique” multi-color silver color on OPPO Reno5.

Unique dual accents on the back of Reno7 Series

Most surprising of all, the reveal of 7 color versions is not the only “easter egg” in OPPO‘s “storm” social media post. Many technology followers have discovered that the new feature “hidden” by the company in this set of photos is the dual bright border surrounding the 2 cameras.

According to many leaked information, the camera diameter on the new Reno generation seems to be upgraded to 1.45 times larger and has an area twice that of the Reno6 Series. This double light surrounds, even more, highlights the meticulously designed camera cluster on the back, making them look like amazingly beautiful asteroids, luminescent in the magical universe in the trailer for the new product of the company. OPPO house.

The dual light bezel is also available in many color versions such as green and blue, which not only makes the phone look trendy and eye-catching but also promises to be a useful feature for any smartphone user. If true to the previous Reno7 Series versions launched in the international market, this will be a completely new breakthrough in design when removing the “rubbish” decorative frame on the back camera part, instead. It integrates a double luminous border for a sophisticated and elegant feel. With this 1-0-2 design, will OPPO continue to promote the pre-order record, similar to previous Reno generations?

Whether OPPO has “played big” to invest in 7 back color versions for OPPO Reno7 Series or how useful the dual bright border will be on the official version in the Vietnamese market is still a mystery. All will be answered at 6 pm on March 16, 2022, during the launch event of the OPPO Reno7 Series with the theme “Enable infinite portrait”. Stay tuned for the latest updates from OPPO as well as at OPPO’s special product launch event so you don’t miss any interesting things!

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